Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just Another Weekend

It's about 7 am when I feel the warm, morning breath from Liam on my face whisper "Mommy- it's daytime. Time to wake up." Not long after we hear Livi stirring so we bring them both into bed and hand them our phones as entertainment so we can steal a few more brief moments in our cozy bed.  Soon Chris will have to get up to go to work as he does a couple of Saturdays out of the month and I will lazily drag myself into the playroom while the coffee brews. Livi can be found by the trail of books she always leaves in her wake and Liam will be inevitably be found with some sort of army guy/ superhero/ Star Wars character or a mixture thereof.

Rinse. Repeat.  Rinse. Repeat. Sound boring? It's not. :)

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