Monday, January 9, 2012

Cage-free and Free Range

I've held out for so long with all the big kid things that are attached to becoming 2. She still uses her pacifier at bedtime, still in diapers and, until recently, was sleeping in her crib. The only reason I have given into this step was because a friend of mine is moving and was giving away her son's bed. Livi is ready for everything (except maybe giving up that damned pacifier), but it's been a combination of laziness and not wanting to let go that has held me back.  And so here we are, one step closer to losing my baby. Her birthday is next month so I suppose I should get on those other things, but I don't wannnnaaaaa.  And hello, how unfair is it that this toddler who could give a crap has perfect morning hair right after opening her eyes? I will tell you.. not fair AT ALL!

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