Monday, August 8, 2011

3.7 years

It's been a crazy, busy month. I realized I haven't updated about my eldest lately and so here we are. There are few adjectives I can think of that can accurately describe this little man but I am going to try: ambitious, bright, sweet, thoughtful, crazy... did I mention bright? Maybe it comes with the age, but my little guy has just blossomed lately. He has perfected speaking and is now moving on to inflection. He really takes in everything he hears and tries to repeat what he hears with just the right amount of inflection and it is pretty much the cutest thing you will ever hear.

He is also perfecting the puzzle. He takes such delight in completing them on his own and I am, for some reason, pleasantly surprised every time he does so. He can write his letters and is starting to grasp how different letters go together. He knows every Star Wars character ever created. I am hoping he will be still be into it by December because that would make a kick-ass bday party. Something tells me there is a good chance of that happening.

Besides being thoughtful and always willing to help out his momma, he is also an AMAZING big brother. He is so careful not to go too far with Livi, but they have been having so much fun rough-housing and playing with each other lately. He somehow knows how much he can push the envelope without really hurting her. Of course sometimes, the envelope does get pushed just a little too far, but for the most part he takes care of her.

As much as he loves his friends, most days he would rather be inside playing with the toys while they are in the pool. I see him growing up with the computer and being a little nerd (like his mommy) so I have to be careful and expose him to as much physical activity while I can.

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