Thursday, August 18, 2011

18 Month Update

And the award for Ms Comprehensive goes to... My little one and a half year old. I had forgotten how fun this age is. Livi delights in communicating. She is speaking really well and as my dad says, with conviction. She understands so much and can say things like "Where daddy go?", "lemme see", apple, cookie, Mickey Mouse, eat, all done, down, up, and more. My favorite is when she calls for Liam it sounds like "EEEAAAA".

She can climb up onto the couch by herself and is constantly getting into the cabinet and helping herself to food. I think she has a little more girly in her than I originally thought. She has been gravitating towards Liam's Ariel and Jesse dolls lately. Other things she loves: bothering her brother, dancing like there is no tomorrow, eating, mommy, her ducky, and baths. Chris taught her to kick her legs in the water and so she immediately gets on her belly in that bath and says "kick kick kick" and kicks her little pudgy legs. She like to pick up her ducky and kick his legs too.

There is nothing more I can say about her that I haven't said ONE MILLION times before. She is utterly delightful. You simply cannot be around her without smiling and feeling a bit of a high. She is like a rockstar at school. When I walk her out at pickup, every single teacher and kid says goodbye to her and gives her hugs and she waves goodbye like a princess on a parade float.

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