Monday, July 18, 2011

Neighborly Love

A couple of months ago, my best friend moved about 2 minutes away from me. Apart from the year we were roommates, we have never lived so close to one another. Not only does she live so close, but she has a house with a pool! It means everything to me that we get to have our kids hang out with each other the way that Tina and I did. I spent practically every Summer weekend in her pool growing up. When we started looking for a house, I was praying that we would find a decent one in our price range that was still close by. Turns out, we will be even closer to her than we are now.

By the way, last Saturday after a day outside with the kids in her pool, I left her house with one less child. That's right... Liam had his first sleepover with his buddies. It's true that he had a bit of a sleepover hangover the next day, but the stories of Tina busting the boys playing with their lightsabers when they should have been sleeping made it allllll worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Awe! I love our playdates!

~Aunt Tina