Monday, July 4, 2011


I can hardly take it. When my big boy got out of the pool yesterday and I was drying his face, I did a double take. What are those spots on your face? Liam grabbed the towel and started rubbing his face. After I convinced him it wasn't anything bad, I stared at his face for at least 2 minutes. I never realized that freckles could grow on you. And these little dots on his face just make him look so much like a boy. Even though he hasn't been a baby for sometime now, it seems like he has been completely letting go of any teeny bit of toddler he had left in him. These are like stamps that make it official.. officially a boy. And anything that follows in Daddy footsteps makes him a happy camper so Daddy was all smiles with this discovery.

P.S.- It also seems like you can only view these freckles by clicking on the picture and seeing the higher resolution. Blogger like to make the pics blurry for some reason.

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Anonymous said...

I thought you were crazy and seeing things at first until I enlarged the picture as you directed...and there they were and super cute! Such the adorable, freckle faced boy!

~Aunt Athena :)

Oh, and the pics of the 4th are adorable - especially Ms. Livi and her pigtails - OMG!!!