Monday, March 21, 2011

The Next Level

You get so used to having babies who depend on YOU and play with YOU. The fact that they will eventually experience things that don't involve you is like a far off thought somewhere in the distance, something you don't have to worry about for now. Until the day your best friend says "It's going to be so cute when we can have sleepovers with the boys. When do you think Liam will be old enough to come sleepover?" And then it hits you that the answer is... now. I have a child who is old enough to go over his friends house, stay up, watch movies, eat ice cream and laugh with his friends. And although the thought is sort of shocking to me, it's also something I have been waiting for. The older he gets, the more we get to enjoy things with him that he previously didn't understand. So I relish in watching him play with the neighborhood kids or in planning an outing with his friends because I know it's a blast for him. And I know (for now anyway) that he can't wait to come home and tell mommy all about it.

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