Friday, March 18, 2011

13 Month Update

So it's been occasional steps here and there until just the past couple of days. And yesterday, a switch went on upstairs and she just started walking all over the place. The funny thing is, I don't really have any shoes that fit her yet. So you know what we will be doing this weekend. It's great seeing her gain confidence and being proud of herself. She gets a kick out of it.

She is really into pointing and grunting at things lately. This usually means she wants whatever you have and she wants it now. She is also in that fun stage where she wants to open up all the cupboards and take everything out from inside.

She eats every vegetable, fruit, meat, bread... any food known to man. I never have any problems with her appetite and I am hoping that Liam will jump on the bandwagon. Believe it or not, she is thinning out (by Livi standards) and I can see the rolls slowly starting to dissolve. I am still nursing in the mornings, but that will soon come to an end.

She shakes her head yes or no to answer a question. She says "mmmm", "more", "baby" and "ajdsfbaiugasdbfay".

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jessie, I save most of these images but I have to say that this latest batch is some of the very best you have shot. Well done! Livi is so lovely!