Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Case of the "Mine's"

December makes for an exciting month for Liam. He gets a birthday and Christmas within 5 days of each other. But if you step back and look at the amount of celebrating that happens for this little 3 year old, it's pretty impressive the way his social calendar fills up. His party was the 4th of December and then we have a bit of a lapse until his school birthday party on the 20th, his school Christmas party 3 days later, actual Christmas 2 days after that and then the Toledo family Christmas which occurs on New Years.

I knew a bday in December would be frustrating. It's so hard for me because on one hand I want to make sure he doesn't get jipped just because he has a December birthday and on the other hand, I don't want to overload him with presents and risk that he might feel entitled to such things. I can say that I went with the first hand and went a bit overboard. I can't help it! He is such a good kid and I love seeing his face when he opens those presents. For a few days, I did see a case of the "mines". He had gone from a kid who asked daily if his bday presents were still at home to a kid who asked for more presents. But as reality is slowly setting back in, so is my mostly grateful boy. I am pretty sure he knows that the season of giving (or in his case.. getting) is finally over. January is going to be a drag...

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Peggy said...

I feel your pain. Elizabeth's birthday is the day after Christmas, and I have spent about 26 years trying to make sure the two days don't get mixed together. For years I made sure to wrap birthday presents in birthday paper. I agonized over what to give her on which day. Then when Emily came along, I was always so freaked out that they each had the same number of presents. Finally this year I decided that I was done worrying about what Elizabeth got on which day. What I should have done all along was make her birthday the special day and keep Christmas down and more real. Trying to compensate for her birthday being so close to Christmas made me over spend on both of the girls.
All I can tell you is if you can make yourself be more realistic now, your birthday/holiday season will be much better.