Tuesday, January 18, 2011

11 Month Update

It's insane to me that we are at 11 months already, but we are. Every day is is different with Livi depending on the level of teething occurring. If it's a relatively painless day, she is happy and curious. Otherwise, she spends most of the day yelling at you. She has been getting her molars in and those are particularly painful.

She spends alot more time letting go and standing. She can stand for around 10 seconds without any help, maybe even a bit longer. As she gets more confident, there are less injuries which makes me really happy. Chris thinks she will be walking by her first birthday but I am not so sure.

Her personality is blossoming and she understands more and more every day. She does NOT like to hear the word "no" or have something taken away. She blows kisses by smacking her lips. She loves music and may even respond to it more than her brother did.

She is completely on table food. Goodbye baby food- I miss you not. In a month, I will stop nursing during the day so that I won't have to pump at work anymore. This will be a glorious day. My goal is to keep up morning and night feeding for a couple more months. Giving up nursing is like giving in to the fact that they aren't babies anymore so its very bittersweet.

When we went to the doc a week ago, Livi weighed 22 pounds 6 ounces and was 30 inches long.

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