Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 Month Update

This phase of being a toddler comes with lots of bumps and bruises. Livi is pulling herself up on just about everything, trying to stand up. As a result, this mommy has been constantly cringing and comforting. When she isn't trying to stand up, she is trying to get up into your business. She has earned the name of "Babyzilla" and when she crawls over to Liam's toys, he runs over to me with his toy and asks me to "protect them from Livi".

But even with these minor interruptions in play, Liam loves his little sister. And the feeling is more than mutual. Livi ADORES Liam. He can do barely any wrong in her eyes. She smiles at the very sight of him and cracks up when he plays peek-a-bo0 with her or just runs by.

She just started saying the word "duck" today! Really cute seeing her discover new sounds. She is very sassy. Her attitude can switch on a dime. The happiest baby on earth can become the crankiest if you don't oblige her requests- especially when food is considered. She is also a big fan of Mommy right now. If I am in the room, she wants to be with me. And if she gets hurt at all, I am the only one that can calm her down. Of course, if I am not in the room- this isn't the case. Out of sight, out of mind I guess.

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