Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Possessive Much?

On the way into daycare today, Liam and I were talking about all of his little friends and their characteristics. Liam asked me to talk about Alyssa, so I said that she was very pretty and that she really liked Livi. "No Mommy. I love Livi, you love Livi. Alyssa doesn't love Livi." I told him I was pretty sure she did love Livi and again he insisted that he loved Livi, but Alyssa did not.

When I got to daycare, I told Jordanna the story and it turns out Liam is quite possessive over his little sister. She is all the rage with the "big" kids. They all fawn over her and want to give her her bottle. From what Jordanna tells me, Liam doesn't like to share her one bit. I'm not sure how serious it is or how much aggravation it causes Jordanna, but a part of me thought it was kinda nice. I don't know how they will interact when they get older, so it's nice to see this relationship in its sweetest, purest form before he realizes that she hogs the bathroom or wants to watch a different show than he does.

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