Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Count It Down

I always said I would wait until Liam was at least 3 years old before I took him to Disney World. Mostly due to the fact that you have to take out a second mortgage to get in and enjoy the place. But this year, we participated in the "volunteer for a day" program. You volunteer and you get a free ticket! So I dragged my 8 month pregnant booty out to South Beach one morning with Chris to pick up trash- how much do I love my kids? We decided to go right before summer in an effort to ditch the crowds and Livi is still young enough that she will nap anywhere. So in preparation for the big day, we showed Liam pictures of The Magic Kingdom and little videos on YouTube of the rides. It certainly got him hyped and now we are only 3 days away from our mini-vacation.

He is especially excited to see anything that has to do with Toy Story and Finding Nemo so those are on the top of the list. I am curious to see how he reacts to everything. The weirdest things get him scared so I am anticipating at least one freak out while on a ride... maybe It's A Small World... although that ride kinda freaks me out too.

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