Sunday, May 16, 2010

3 Month Update

Livi, according to the doctor, "is the size of a small 8 month old". Makes sense to me, after all, she has to make room for that big old heart she has ;)

Cheesiness aside, she is doing just fine. She is 15 pounds and 24 and a half inches long. She has found her hands and will stare at her fist in front of her face. She has begun sucking her thumb to self-soothe. It helps her fall asleep. Speaking of sleep, we are getting alot of it around here (finally!). She started to go to bed at the same time as big brother and in his room too. She is waking up only once to eat and then goes right back to sleep. She takes about 3 or 4 naps during the day too. I was so dreading the whole room sharing thing because of my experience with Liam and sleep, but so far it's been a breeze. Those things have a way of changing though, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

She is starting to giggle and squeal. She starts going to "school" tomorrow with Liam. Liam is excited and I am... dealing. Aunt Tina sent me this link to make me feel better about it all and it did because I know she is in good hands.

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Sof said...

OMG, are you trying to kill me with that swimsuit!?!?! She totally rocked it!!!!