Friday, April 9, 2010

This is a happy baby

Something I haven't talked about on the blog yet is Livi's acid reflux. Liam had it when he was a baby and he was miserable. Cried... no, screamed.... all the time. He didn't spit up a lot, but he was always uncomfortable and didn't handle it well. Livi, on the other hand, is a trooper. She spits up and even projectile vomits pretty often and I end up changing her outfit about 4 times a day. Mornings are her fussy time which is hard for me because I am working from home right now. So she spends the time between coming home from dropping off Liam to about noon, being fussy and agitated. And I spend that time trying to figure out if she is hungry or just uncomfortable. Feeding her takes forever because I am constantly burping her and calming her down from the reflux.

Because she is so tired, she sleeps like a log at night which is a double edged sword. Because she is SO tired she can only stay awake for about 5 minutes to eat. Since she doesn't get a full meal in, she wakes up every 2 hours to eat. And believe me, there is no waking up this child once she is out. Well, I finally gave in and admitted that maybe she would benefit from some meds and boy am I glad that I did. We started it last night and she got a dose this morning too. I can definitely see a difference already. She slept until about 10 and then ate. She was still a little fussy when she was eating, but a marked improvement. And this is only day one, so I suppose it could be a fluke or it could get even better. It was just nice to see her happy this morning instead of so uncomfortable.

On a side note, I also wanted to mention for posterity sake that last week I went for my checkup and we weighed my 6 week old and she was over 13 lbs. yikes! I guess that side effect of losing weight when you have acid reflux doesn't apply to her.

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