Monday, April 19, 2010

8 Week Update

Went to the doctor's this morning and she stopped everyone in their tracks with how pretty she is. Those eyes just draw you in and before you know it she is smiling at you and then... fuggedaboutit... you're hooked! She is a pleasantly plump 14 pounds and 6 ounces and she is 24 inches long. Looking back, Liam's blog tells me that he weighed 6 ounces less than her at 10 weeks!

She has started to "converse" with people a lot more these days and she is full of smiles. It's really easy to get that dimple out of her and I can tell she is gonna be a ham in front of the camera when she gets older. The medicine we have been giving her has definitely done some good. She is sleeping a lot more during the day and isn't throwing up as often as before. We were just able to up the dosage a bit because of her weight so hopefully it will get even better.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Tina LOVES the pics! She is SO beautiful!

Nancy said...

OMG! She is just so cute.