Monday, March 16, 2009

Rapper or Faker?

So I am sure we have all heard about the odd behavior of Joaquin Phoenix lately and if you haven't just watch this. I personally think it is all a hoax and just a publicity stunt to get people interested in what he is doing. Apparently, Casey Affleck is his brother-in-law and is taping a documentary on Phoenix's journey from actor to "rapper". I think it will most likely turn out to be more like a mockumentary, kinda like Spinal Tap with more of a reality edge to it. Another thing that makes me believe this? This past weekend, he did a concert in Miami and got into an altercation with a heckler in the crowd. Even though he was dragged off by security, the police weren't called and no arrests were made. To me, that just sounds like perhaps the heckler was a setup? I don't know- but if he really is this wacked out, I am both sad and disappointed in him. Not that he cares. Also, he is really really bad at hip-hop. You can see the video about the altercation and read the story here.

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