Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day

I don't believe in Valentine's Day. I belong to the (some would say) hippie mindset that it is a holiday started by corporations to capitalize on America's willingness to spend money on just about anything. Why do I need a special day to let my loved ones know that I in fact love them? And why would I get them crappy chocolate or overpriced flowers to express how much I love them? I may sound like a cynic, but I would rather do it randomly and creatively throughout the year... when they least expect it. I remember my mom used to send me notes every so often in my lunch box that said she loved me or thought I was great. It made me inexplicably happy and I remember those little surprises to this day. I don't remember one single Valentine card from the past.

Although I know that I will need to eventually change my tune once Liam gets into school. I don't want him to be singled out just because I think it's all nonsense. of course I will let him partake and will even be excited with him, but I also want to implement plenty of those special little surprises to let him know that he's always my valentine.

And what about Chris, you say? He's always been my valentine. I try to do the same with my hubby. I used to be much better at it. Make his lunch for him when he least suspects it, write silly notes on the mirror for him to read when he gets up in the morning, that sort of thing... I guess the one thing that this "holiday" is good for is to remind me not to let that stuff slip away. It's so easy to forget to do the silly things that make us both smile and remember why we really like each other. So Happy Early Valentine's Day, ya schmucks.


Jordanna's So Called Life said...

The kids do love it though, all that nasty candy they get in school!! Erianna and I made our cards for her class today, we did about half of them, and put the necklaces and some stickers in the envelope, instead of candy, like everyone else will do!!! I know she is going to be stoked when her friends get her necklaces...she even wants to make them for the PPPK (VPK) class... because they are her friends, too.....

Momma O said...

See- I can't take that away from him. I love those necklaces btw. Really cute idea!