Thursday, January 8, 2009

Anthrax Bacilli Finger Puppets Anyone?

Only on Etsy could you find finger puppets based on the French Chemist Louis Pasteur. The set includes Pasteur accompanied by a rabies-free cat and pasteurized milk as well as a happy little culture of anthrax bacilli (demonstrating his work on creating a rabies vaccine, developing the method of pasteurization, and fore fathering germ theory/bacteriology respectively). Now you can enjoy Pasteur's amazingly awesome achievements embodied in finger puppet form!


Anonymous said...

now that is original - I was thinking of maybe selling my knitted goodies on Etsy, but there is some strange competition out there. You can find the most amazing things and you did!! This is kind of creepy yet intriguing at the sale time!

Aunt Judy

Anonymous said...

same time - I am tired again!