Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Don't Get It

The company I work for recently made a deal with this guy to sponsor his second "evolution of dance". Apparently, the first one he did is the number one most viewed video on You Tube EVER. Which I found strange, seeing as I am on the computer all the time and never heard of it before. I get that they are trying to keep up with the way things are marketed nowadays and viral videos are all the rage, but I just do not get this video. I can watch about 20 seconds of it before I get an impulse to close the window.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to see how the cross marketing works. For instance, we have one of those applications where you can upload your photo and dance along with him. Then you can embed the video on your facebook page or myspace page. You can also enter a competition to win $5000 from us by submitting your own dancing video.

As smart as it all may seem, I still don't get it. But I did get to design some of the banners that are shown when you view the video on You Tube- so that's cool :)

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