Friday, February 27, 2015


Livi has been really into knock, knock jokes lately. She sees a golden opportunity at bedtime when Daddy is saying goodnight and chooses to prolong it as long as possible by asking him to come up with knock, knock jokes over and over again. She started coming up with her own non-sensical knock, knock jokes such as this one:

"knock, knock"
"who's there?"
"orange who?"
"orange banana poopy"

Clearly she has a gift.  Last night Liam was telling us silly jokes from a book of his and she saw this as a whole new world of material. Sure enough when bedtime rolled around, she couldn't wait to share some new jokes with me. I loved them so much I had to write them down. Don't feel bad if you lack the sophistication needed to understand some of these. It happens to the best of us.

Why did the nail come in?
Because he's a walking animal

Why does an elephant walk into the store?
Because he's naked (this one KILLED with Liam)

Why does a dog walk in?
Because he plays with the ball when he walks in and he steps on toys

A giraffe walks into a store and he wears undies with no clothes on. (we drew a picture of this)

Liam thought these were just so great. It made me so happy to see them share a moment and Livi beamed with every joke that Liam laughed at.

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