Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Day

This year we carried on the tradition from last year and hid clues in Easter eggs that would lead to their baskets. The clues led out to the garden and the goodies made their way all over the back yard soon after.  After the morning fun, we made our way over the Aunt Tina's as we always do on Easter for brunch. The crew is getting so large that we finding ourselves splitting the Easter Egg hunt into two parts: younger and older kids.

After nap, we had the Neins and Kama over for dinner. I never get any pictures when they are over and it really makes me sad. I can only guess it's because it's usually towards the end of day and I am too tired to remember to pick up the camera. These excuses just will not do. Next time, loads of pics. 

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sof said...

I love reading these recaps and seeing all the fun pics, makes me feel like I was there. I hope evrything turned out the way you planned it ;) love you ALL!!!