Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Child #3

No, we aren't expecting. The truth is we've been trying since June. We decided to give ourselves 6 months to see what happens. Well, those 6 months have come and gone and needless to say, no bun in this oven. Although we would have been thrilled with a third, we are fine that it didn't happen. Honestly, we are no spring chickens and the thought of having a newborn around at this point just sounds exhausting! I remember when we were considering the prospect of a third. I was talking to a friend about it and telling him that right now everything was so contained and maintainable and he told me that he always wanted three because it seemed a little chaotic and he liked things being a little chaotic. I liked that. It resonated with me. And it's why we decided to go ahead and see what happens.

At the same time, we have always talked about getting a family dog one day, especially after the break in. We've had dogs before and ended up giving them away. Of course, circumstances were much different and life was much less stable back then. It seemed like the stars have aligned. A mutual friend was fostering a rescued boxer and we tested her out for the weekend. We dropped her back off on Sunday afternoon and spent the rest of Sunday and Monday talking about it. We decided that we would stop trying for a third human baby and instead, adopt one of the canine variety. After all, we all need a little chaos in our lives. And she is the sweetest kind of chaos you can imagine.

Already missing her daddy

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Jordanna Egan said...

I am STOKED... and still waiting for that Sunday afternoon invite! xoxooxoxoxoox LOVE ME SOME BOXERS!