Saturday, September 8, 2012

Girl Power

I noticed some feelings I have for my daughter today when we went to Target.

Things that I adore about my daughter:
- How she can dance to anything with a rhythm 
- How excited she gets when she sees a computer!
- How she uses the word "her" in place of "she". As in, "Her has a baby."

Things that scare the s#%@ out of me about my daughter:
- Her natural gravitation to the barbies (even when I am shoving the American Girl dolls in her face)
- Her wanting a toy vacuum cleaner for her birthday
- How she keeps asking to go to the "girl toys" even though I know she likes Legos as much as the next guy.

This is stupid, right? I mean, she is still going to grow up to be the next President in spite of these things, yes?

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