Thursday, November 18, 2010

9 Month Update

Livi is developing a fierce personality. Sweet as sugar, but sooooo strong-willed. You better give that girl what she wants or you will hear about it! So funny how two kids can be so completely different yet you still see so much of yourself in each of them. I can already tell that she is not going to be as sensitive as "the other one". She is my toughie.

She is not so interested in crawling. She is fully capable, but likes to find out how to get what she wants while doing the least amount of work possible. So if something is in front of her that she wants, she is most likely to crawl a few steps and then throw her body onto the ground and stretch her arms out, wiggling those little fingers until they can finally grasp onto it. Almost seems like more work to me. At the same time, she completely prefers to be in a standing position and can stand pretty well with some support. I think she may just be more interested in walking than crawling.

She is doing really well with food. Eating finger foods and digesting them too! She loves to laugh and is experimenting with different sounds. She can say "mama", "dada", and will wave & sorta say "hiiiiiiii".

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